20 feb 2007

Google Scholar en Ecologie tijdschriften

In een artikel in het online tijdschrift ' Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship' van de Association of College & research Libraries is een artikel verschenen over de dekking van artikelen die in de belangrijke ecologische tijdschriften staan door Google Scholar.

Ecology Articles in Google Scholar: Levels of Access to Articles in Core Journals/ Marilyn Christianso. Winter 2007.

Het is een ' refereed' artikel d.w.z. dat een aantal medewerkers is gereviewd.
De conclusie is dat tussen de 57% en 77% van de artikelen uit die kern-ecologische tijdschriften in Google Scholar is terug te vinden. Oudere artikelen waren iets moeilijker terug te vinden en sowieso is de score beter als je de ' advanced search' gebruikt.

Zelf schrijven ze in het abstract:

" Eight-hundred forty articles from core ecology journals were searched in Google Scholar (GS) to determine level and completeness of indexing and access. Testing occurred both on campus and off, and within each venue searching was divided evenly into basic and advanced modes. Off campus, about nine percent and on campus, about thirty-eight percent of links led to text that could be opened directly, without barriers. Fifty-seven percent of test articles had full citations or better, and over seventy-seven percent had at least some type of completable citation. Older articles were less likely to be represented. Full-text articles were concentrated at author sites and at a small number of provider sites. The advanced search found somewhat more full text than did the basic search. Highly cited articles were more likely to be included in Google Scholar."

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